Advanced sensing of processes, products and services through wireless technologies

We create smart low power electronic devices with advanced sensors and wireless communication.

  • IoT: Internet Of Things
  • AR: Augmented Reality
  • SmartCities
  • Wearables
  • Energy Harvesting

Sport activity control

Wireless monitoring

Biomechanical control through the use of accelerometers, gyroscopes, force sensors and algorithms to measure training activity.

PikkuSports project

Smarthomes and Smartcities

Remote control and information

Enviromental parameters monitoring for cities and homes. Remote activation of devices and equipment. Indoor location of people and objects.

Blewi Project

R&D Laboratories

Avdvanced measurement systems

Design and development of electronic systems 100% adapted to research labs requirements: size, geometry, sensing, functionality, enclosures, power and technical support.



Process monitoring

Gathering of sensitive data from the manufacturing processes to be used for analysis and performance control. Tracking of people and objects.

BluTemp project

Health and well-being

Sensing in daily life

Vital signals monitoring: ECG, heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature. Daily routines and motion control. Muscular electro-stimulation and heated elements control.

Biometric shirt project

Blautic Services

From a basic solution with Blautic hardware integration to reduce the time to market up to a full technical development with very precise customized requirements.


Blautic Solutions
Flexibility, quickness and functionality. For both final solutions and pilot tests or prototypes.


Customized Solutions
We can adapt our products to address your needs and requirements. Maximum flexibility and reduced developing times


Ad Hoc Solutions
Best adaptation to requirements. Great support and control of development tasks based on years of experience


All our experience to assist you in sensing and communications

Sensors Catalogue

We have a large experience integrating all kind of sensors to monitor lots of physical magnitudes.



Measure acceleration in 3 axis (x,y,z) with different scales: +- 2, 4, 8 y 16 g. To be used for motion, inclination, fall and vibration control.

Blautic sensor giroscopio


To measure angular speed in 3 axis with different scales: +- 250, 500, 1000, 2000 º/s. To be applied for spin control, motion patterns, falls and rotation rate control.

Blautic sensor magnetómetro


Capability to measure orientation in 3 axis with reference to the magnetic pole. Measurement scale: +-4800μT. To be used for robots orientation, people and objects positioning.

Blautic sensor de temperatura


Analog an digital sensors to measure both ambient and body temperature with different range and precision. To be applied in clean rooms, fridges, food trucks, or healthcare.

Technology widely tested

Our technology is currently being used by multiple products in different activity sectors such as sport, industry and well-being. At the same time, it is also being used by Universities and Research Labs to carry out their national and international projects. This variety of uses shows the quality and flexibility of our products.