Advanced sensing and wireless communications

We offer a broad catalogue of hardware platforms and software focused on advanced sensors for products, services and processes with wireless access from smartphones or tablets. Our hardware can be fully integrated in their products or services or to be customised to acquire specific functionality.

Hardware platforms
Developed to integrate advanced sensors, data storage, data transmission, flexibility to control external devices, portability, rechargeability and ultra low power consumption or energy harvesting.

Broad catalog of sensors already tested and evaluated with our hardware platforms in multiple research projects or end user products: ECG amplifiers, accelerometer, gyroscopes, magnetometers, proximity, current sense, beacons, etc.

Software Platforms
Firmware and software code routines to make an easy and quick application development. Specific firmware to use hardware resources in an optimised way and control energy rigorously. Data display and storage software for smartphones and tablets and PC or server platforms.

Design and development of boxes for hardware and sensors following customer requirements. Build of 3D Prototype with printing technologies and assistance with manufacturing processes and providers.

Soluciones a Medida


Integración de Plataformas

Contamos con una amplio catálogo de desarrollos que pueden integrarse con facilidad a tus productos.


Personalización de Plataformas

Ajustamos el hardware y software de nuestros desarrollos a las necesidades de nuestros clientes.


Nuevos Desarrollos

Diseñamos y fabricamos la electrónica, el software, y la envolvente a la medida de tus necesidades.

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