Catalogue of sensors

Hundreds of possibilities

Our wide experience in projects with a need of data gathering has given us the chance to test and analyse a broad catalogue of sensors from several brands and companys that today we offer to our clients.
This technical background reinforced by the maximum control that we have about our hardware and firmware allow us to offer different solutions and interfaces to the system:

  • Digital buses: I2C, SPI, UART, Current
  • Analog sensors
  • Basic digital sensors
  • Sensors with excitation signal driving
  • Sensors with complex signal conditioning circuits


Measure acceleration in 3 axis (x,y,z) with different scales: +- 2, 4, 8 y 16 g. To be used for motion, inclination, fall and vibration control.

Blautic sensor giroscopio


To measure angular speed in 3 axis with different scales: +- 250, 500, 1000, 2000 º/s. To be applied for spin control, motion patterns, falls and rotation rate control.

Blautic sensor magnetómetro


Capability to measure orientation in 3 axis with reference to the magnetic pole. Measurement scale: +-4800μT. To be used for robots orientation, people and objects positioning.

Blautic sensor de temperatura


Analog an digital sensors to measure both ambient and body temperature with different range and precision. To be applied in clean rooms, fridges, food trucks, or healthcare.

Blautic sensor de humedad


Analog and digital sensors to measure ambient relative humidity. It can be used in many places such as food stores, cellars, premises, agriculture or gardens.

Blautic sensor de proximidad


Electronic beacons allow to track devices and smartphones thanks to the transmission of short wireless tags. They are normally used for indoor location, geomarketing and attendance control.

Blautic sensor de elengación


Analog sensors that measure elongation with an accuracy and resolution which lies within millimetres. They are used in manufacturing processes, infrastructure control, body movements …

Blautic sensor de gases

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Sensor to measure CO concentration in a scale of 0-500 ppm. Wih a very low power consumption it is interesting for aplications of security in houses, hotels and nursing homes.

Blautic sensor de peso


Analog sensors that exhibit a decrease in resistance when there is an increase in the force applied to the active area detecting force or pressure with a sensitivity range of a few grams to a few kilograms. They can be used for human touch control, occupancy of seats and people entries/exits control.

Blautic sensor de ultrasonidos


Ultrasound sensors that detect proximity of objects in a short distance range and ranging measurement. The detect point is independent of target size, material or reflectivity. Common applications are tank level detection,manufacturing process for automated process control, distance measurement.

Blautic sensor ECG


Amplifier of very low biometric signals (μV) which allows to obtain ECG signals and calculate heart rates. They are widely used for sport and healthcare.

Blautic sensor de frecuencia respiratoria


Impedance measurement sensor used to get the breathing rate of a person. Common applications are sportsmen monitoring and healthcare.

Blautic sensor binario


Sensors reporting a binary signal as an indication of states ON/OFF. Generally used for detecting door and windows status ( open or closed), switches, buttons, presence, obstacles.


Current measurement

Measurement of current intensity flowing thorugh a circuit or cable. Used for controlling energy consumption (home or industry), electro-stimulation, control of external devices and safety circuits.

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