Wireless devotion

The challenge of combining advanced sensing with up to 4 wireless different technologies


Design with 9 axis motion sensors, ECG, breathing rate, body temperature and GPRS,GPS,Qi and BLE.


Embedded logic for hardware optimization: low power, configuration, managment and data transmission.


3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyroscope, 3 axis magnetometer. Biometric signlas amplifier for ECG and Breathing rate. External sensors integration.


Android APP to fully test hardware and functionality


Adapted to final application requirements

Interested in using some of these technologies ?

Project details

Technical specs

Hardware Reference platform: Blautic B1 Wan See
Power LiPo internal battery
Rechargeable through Qi standard
Switch ON/OFF
Communications BLE
4 band GPRS
Location GPS/Glonass
Indoor location: beacons
Memory Over 100000 samples
Size External dimensions: 50 x 37  (W x L)


Recommended screen size: 5,5”
Android 4.3 or higher
Bluetooth® 4.0 or higher


Movement TDK MPU9250.
Biometric: ADS1292R

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